Curriculum Vitae

Atle Hansson

Born 1971
Os, Norway
tel. +47 90 36 39 00

Self-driven, organized and creative developer with experiences as a product owner from software development, project manager for dev teams, web and UX designer, journalist and general webmaster.


  • Precise. Interested.
  • Nose for good research.
  • Current. Documented capacity for change.
  • Broad experience.

Technologies and Tools

  • HTML/CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • React, Next.js
  • Vue 2, Vue 3 with Vuex and Pinia
  • Jamstack: Nuxt 2/3, 11ty, Astro, Svelte
  • Node.js, Express
  • APIs (RESTful)
  • Cloud functions (Google Cloud, Netlify Functions)
  • Docker, Docker Compose
  • Git, NPM
  • CI: GitHub Actions, DeployHQ, CircleCI,
  • Sequelize, Mongoose
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firestore, MongoDB
  • ESBuild, Vite, Vitest, Webpack, Babel
  • Wordpress (hand coded themes)
  • Firebase Auth, JSON Web Tokens
  • PostCSS, PurgeCSS, Terser, ESLint, Husky, JSDoc
  • Framer Motion
  • Electron
  • AngularJS with angular-translate
  • Linux/UNIX, SSH, Nginx, Traefik, LetsEncrypt
  • cPanel, DirectAdmin, DNS


  • VSCode
  • Postman
  • Sketch, Figma
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Jira, Trello, ScrumDo, DoneDone, Freshworks, Notion, Basecamp, Asana
  • Slack, Discord


  • Agile development methods (Kanban, Scrum)
  • Workflow improvements for an international developer team
  • Creation of user stories
  • Pragmatism (e.g. «Why "laptop-first"?»)
  • Accessibility (WCAG, ARIA, semantics, keyboard navigation)
  • GDPR (EU's privacy act)
  • SEO
  • User testing, bug reporting
  • End user support


    Custom built, multi-language and multi-currency e-commerce and membership platform with a private member area, order administration panel, discount code system, cloud function triggered backup automation, card payments, CRM and accounting system integration. (11ty, JS, Firebase/Firestore, Netlify/Google Cloud Functions, AWS SES, ESBuild, Terser, hgrid-css, PostCSS, PurgeCSS, Husky, etc.)
  • hgrid-css
    CSS utility kit published as an npm package with Sass and PostCSS. Open source.
    Documentation for hgrid-css (11ty, Nunjucks, JS)
    Tax calculator made for sole proprietor entities (JS, Babel)
    Homepage with music player and Mailchimp integration for musician Jonah Sol. (Nuxt, Netlify Functions)
    Multi-language Wordpress site for Euronext Securities Oslo, the Norwegian Central Security Depository (Verdipapirsentralen). Increased site security, custom made contact forms and adaptation for block editing. Continuous integration for the staging area and a fully documented release strategy with build scripts. Created together with web designer Mattis Hovden Aas. (Dockerized Wordpress, JS, Polylang, PHPMailer, Babel, Swiper, Chart.js)
    Price calculator and order form with emailing service (work in progress) (Nuxt, Cloud functions, PHPMailer)
    Homepage for Norwegian author Kaj Skagen, adapted to the client's preferences from my design template stanza. (Wordpress, JS)
  • good news. News magazine design for Wordpress focused on extreme readability on any screen size.


  • Stripe
  • MailChimp
  • Firebase Auth/Firestore
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • PowerOffice GO
  • FreshWorks (Freshsales)
  • Sentry
  • Nodemailer
  • SendGrid
  • GitHub API
  • Google reCaptcha v3
  • PHPMailer
  • Polylang Pro
  • Chart.js
  • Swiper

Work Experience


Opataris AS
October 2018 -

Development and webmaster services for small companies

Roles: Developer, Web Designer, Owner

Product Owner

Toolboks AS
May 2017 - December 2020

Planning, design and production of a web application for the construction industry, with funding grants from Innovation Norway. Close follow-up of the development team.

Roles: Advisor, investor, product owner (consultant)
Technologies: Angular 7, Express, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes

Co-Founder and Product Owner

Conta Systemer AS / Conta Utvikling AS (Conta Group AS)
November 2009 - February 2017

I was one of three founders who wanted to develop simpler and less expensive software for small businesses in Norway.

The result was a suite of SaaS for sales, invoicing, debt recovery, credit scoring and accounting, which in a relatively short time got more than 100,000 active users.

We also created a number of additional services, such as,,, accounting firm Contando, and more.

There were 50+ employees when I left the company.


  • Application, UI and UX design, templates and framework coding for the Conta software.
  • Combined product owner and one of three project managers with the dev team (10-14 international devs – some info in Norwegian here)
  • Design and coding of marketing and informational websites
  • Planning and design of the admin panel,, etc.
  • User support, testing, bug reports
  • Content writing (for example 1, 2, 3), GUI copywriting in English and Norwegian, quality control and compliance regarding legal and accounting matters.
  • Employer tasks such as recruitment, contracts, staff onboarding handbook, HSE (health, safety, environment), work environment, etc.
  • Board of directors, strategy, partner contracts, new ventures, etc.


Freelancer: Illustrator and former rastaman (2001-2010)

Journalist and infographics designer

Bergens Tidende AS: Infographics designer (October 2000 - September 2001)

Bergens Tidend AS: Journalist and editor for the weekly magazine «Dag og Tid». Summer substitute and freelancer (June 1999 - October 2000 / October 2001 - August 2004)

Os & Fusaposten AS: Journalist and illustrator 1986-1991 (part-time) / 1992-1993 (full-time)

Forsvarets Forum: Journalist (military service). Historical moment in October 1991 when I sent my first email over the military network. Honorary discharge in August 1992.


Editor (2007- )

Author of the freelancer handbook «Frilans!» (1st edition 2008, 2nd edition 2011)


University of Bergen (history, social anthropology, science of theatre) 1997-2001 (no degree)

École des Beaux-Arts du Valais (now École de design et haute école d'art du Valais). Fine Arts academy in Switzerland, major in oil painting. 1993-1997.


  • English (fluent)
  • Portuguese (fluent)
  • Spanish (advanced)
  • French (advanced, rusty)
  • German (high school level)